Spreading Wings!
February 6, 2017
Why You Need Goals And How To Crush Them!
June 20, 2017

Why I Started And How You Can Too!

        Many moons ago when I was working a dead end job as a barista I engorged myself with dozens of sugary and caffeinated drinks as I would saunter through my work day. Then as with most things that you overindulge in, it began to catch up with me. The previously athletic build that I once had began to develop in thickness. Unfortunately, not a good type of thickness. As I trudged through my resentful life as a coffee slave, I began to cultivate a small self loathing towards my changing body. Then, one fateful day, I was called to assist some friends with moving some of their belongings to their new house. Little did I know this is where I would fall in love with weight lifting. On that day I met my weight lifting mentor: Karl Wilson. After a funny discussion on how he got so darn jacked, we went our separate ways when all the moving had been finished. Some days later, I decided to take my first step into the weight lifting world by shooting him a text. He was gracious enough to say yes to teaching me the secrets of getting huge! That Monday I learned how to do deadlifts, proper pull-ups, and dumbbell rows. This was my first time moving iron and I was completely hooked! The feeling of  getting a pump was just as addictive as Arnold said and I couldn’t get enough! From there, Karl helped me stay properly on a bodybuilding program and slowly but surely my body transformed. The more consistently I was in the gym, the more I could see a visible transformation happening to my body. My muscles expanded and the fat started to melt off my body. Later later that winter, something spectacular happened: I fell in love with my body again. That may seem narcissistic, but not everyone likes how their body looks and I had reached a place of contentment. I soon switched my training to a Power lifting program so as to increase my strength. My body continued to change and adapt to the new stresses that I forced upon it, leading me to implement one last training regimen change. Due to my mentor leaving the gym we were training at, I had to learn how to program on my own and thus studied as much information as I could in order to be as knowledgeable as possible in all things fitness. I became motivated to master all aspects of training! This is my personal story on how I got into fitness, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only right way. Do you want to achieve all that fitness has to offer? You can have a fitness professional (like myself) aid you as you sculpt the body you desire! There is one thing that you have to do on your own: be consistent, both in the gym and with your diet. I adhere to both as if my life depends on it, so, you should do the same and continue to trust the process. Train hard and eat right, my friends!
Music Makes The Muscles Grow

Keeping The Program On Lock

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