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April 27, 2017

Why You Need Goals And How To Crush Them!

It is completely necessary to have goals ESPECIALLY in your workout regimen. It’s so incredibly important to have goals because it provides direction. When I was growing up I remember asking my mother almost every night what was for dinner.  The answer I received every single time was: food. Is the answer wrong? No, but it is a little annoying. Why is it so annoying? It lacks a definitive answer that I need. You should be that picky with your goals in all aspects of life. For example, you can order food and be willing to eat whatever makes it’s way to your plate.  You can also order a 10 oz. wagyu rib eye steak that’s been braised in rosemary butter. You can either settle for something random or you can satisfy your hunger with a delicious steak. It doesn’t take much to do anything in fitness, but it is only through being specific that the path to your goal is made clear. Your goals will define your journey, so make it  Don’t ever settle in the pursuit of your goals!

The second and questionably more important part is following through with your goals. You need to make a plan so that you can take yourself step by step through the process. Keep yourself accountable to your plan by keeping track of the progress you have made! Whether it’s a change in body fat or muscle size, be sure to track all the progress you make! It keeps you motivated and helps you to see if any adjustments need to be made to maximize your success! If you have any questions about setting goals in the gym feel free to email me at nickcotton@sqtfitness.com or check out my Instagram for some fun lifting tips.

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