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  • Dani McGowan
    I met Nick through a mutual friend that was training with him. I mostly eaves dropped on his technique training before I got a chance to work with him. He graciously offered to give me a few tips when he saw me lifting weight that was nothing near my capabilities. I'm grateful for that day, for it has changed my weight lifting habits forever. I started training with him soon after. As a coach Nick is amazing. He explains things in a way you can understand, and in a tone that does not demean. He's extremely knowledgeable and can adjust his workout to your wants and needs. I found myself lifting more, feeling stronger, and loving the changes that came with that. He not only trained me, but he gave me tools to use, and helped form better lifting habits. I would refer him to any of my friends and family without hesitation!
    Dani McGowan
  • Teresa Carillo
    I have trained with Nick for about 4 months. I came to him after seeing what a hard worker and how knowledgeable he is. I was struggling with my form and also scared to move heavier weight. My goal to power lift became very real when Nick started training me. All of my lifts increased greatly. He was very patient and understanding as we immensely worked on my form. Now I am very confident in my lifts and look forward to him coaching me on the platform.
    Teresa Carillo
  • Mark Cabunoc
    Working out with Nicholas has helped me to achieve my fitness goals by creating a fun and relaxed environment where challenging myself becomes an enjoyable experience. Our workouts together are the highlight of my day! He always knows how to hype me up for a huge pull! My power lifting total right now is 1045lbs! He also keeps me on track with my eating habits so I can achieve my strongest and best looking physique.
    Mark Cabunoc