Why I Started And How You Can Too!
April 27, 2017

Spreading Wings!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Dani as she embarks on her journey to the Great Rainy North (Seattle).  We got to do something most people neglect now a days!  We were able to sit down, have a good time, reminisce, and connect.  Most people prefer to exchange pleasantries, talk about the mundane activities of everyday life, and be on their merry way.  If you choose to become involved within a gym ADD to the community you become a part of.  It is all too easy to put your hoodie on, wear a hat to cover your face, and blast some Slayer so no one can “bother” you.  This adds to the idea that Gyms and to a larger extent the fitness industry are entirely useless.  The breakdown of the communitas that defines us as humans invalidates any progression that we could have inside or outside the gym.  What can we do to counteract this? We can be like Dani!  We need to build communities that support each other.  It’s the simple truth.  My biggest hope for her is (as she establishes her life in Seattle) that she builds another close knit gym family there.  It maybe difficult, however her radiant personality is sure to shine through the cloudy unknown north.Let us all grow just like Dani and build, build, and build our gym communities!  We wish you the best as you grow Dani!



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